Monday, May 11

Cross birdy

Aww this birdy is soooo cute but why I did that to his eye it makes him look soooo cross. This is made with the nestie birds and a little bit of free hand cutting for the legs. I really love these birds and I am going to make lots of them for the shed windows. Funny this morning Harvey looked at this one and said he looked cross, I thought it was just me and my imagination that thought he did look that way but he obviously does!
For this large bird I cut the smaller bird and chopped the beak off for the wing. I have all sorts of ideas buzzing about my head for different things I can do with this bird. Infact I might make something with this birdy this weekend for my make and take at Chicken Shack. We can use some of the beautiful patterned papers from Stampin' Up! as they are on special offer this month it will be a good chance to show these off.
I got these templates from a friend and I am not sure of a UK stockist as yet, when I find one I will edit the post.

1 comment:

Diane.W. said...

Teehee,cross bird!!! It is luvly!!! :o)x


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