Sunday, May 31

Hedgehog Madness

I love the Penny Black Hedgehogs, they have to be my fav designs from all the critters. He is an image from one of the great clear sets that Penny Black have brought out. Most are older, larger designs which have been re made into smaller designs.

I love this hedgehog running with the flowers. A simple design as the paper is quiet busy I didnt want to overload anything, also couldnt be bothered to get nesties ect out so gone with a plain square. I might add some ribbon on this card before I send it on its merry way.

Tomorrow is a big day in SU USA... retirement list, in colors Oh how I wish I was a USA demo!! Also excited to see the MTV movie awards for the first showing of New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga ;) we will be able to see it tomorrow online.
Today leads the end of my husbands holiday, we have had a lovely week off with holiday and then a beautiful weekend, topped off with far too much food on our barbecue today! Chicken with Cajun spice (Yum) Lamb with mint and Chinese Pork (I only eat the chicken) Sausages in rolls, salad, coleslaw, doritos, garlic bread, tuna pasta, jacket potatos and more more more!! They all had Strawberries and cream for afters, I dont like fruit so I had a naughty but nice cream jam donut! DROOL DROOL then they had a donut too.
Tomorrow is inset day so Harvey isnt at school. Then Tuesday I start my job at the school, its not a paid job, just a volenteer thing, but hoping it may lead to me hearing about jobs that do come up in the school. I am helping year 1 with their library books and possibly helping with the reading but not sure about that part. As all mums know its hard to think about work when you have kids at school as you cant get jobs to suit the hours and holidays so this would be a good way of getting my "foot in the door" so to speak. It will be much easier to take up in September too as Caiden will be at school 5 mornings a week.
Anyway, I have waffled enough, speak soon,


diane (cookiestamper) said...

oh how cute!

Suzie Q said...

Lovely card Caz, I used to work in the canteen at a secondary school - brilliant job, great bunch of women and loved every minute, as fitted in with the kids and you had all the hols off, good luck like you say you have your foot in the door!!


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