Thursday, June 4


But this post is a bit of a photo fest. I just got the urge today to take some photos :)

Firstly here is a card I made for the Greetings Farm Black and white challenge. I was quiet horrified at the thought of making a no colour card. Black, white and grey were the only colours allowed. But I really enjoyed it and I love the look!
Here is a closer one as I love how the light caught the glitter *BLING BLING*
Next is a lovely picture of Harvey Warvey and "Mil-Bilo-littlepuppydawg" as I call him! He is in his new little bed that we got as a belated birthday. I know he was 1 in May, but the previous lady didnt know his exact DOB so we havent really got a date.
So from one of my handsome boys to the other... "Cadey Woo" who is nearly 3!! He is three on 15th of this month... can't believe he will be starting school with Harvey this September GULP!
And lastly ME! and Milo Bilo Littlepuppydawg! Awww he was so snuggly into me last night I had to let hubby take a photo, I was tickling his little chest and he was fast asleep and as much as I usually hate my photo it didnt turn out too bad, yeah I look tired, thats coz I am !! LOL I had to crop the photo as he had his legs akimbo and all his "bits" on show!! LOL God I love that little doggy!
Thats if for now.


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Caz I love your card and black and white really does look good at least you have made it look good. Love the photos of the little ones and you and that little pup is gorgeous.

Lorraine x

Michelle said...

WOW I live the black and white, very striking to say the least, Your boys are dawg are very cute.


Marion said...

How sweet is that. He is gorgeous. Marion


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