Thursday, June 18

Reason for absence

I have been swamped with sickness from Caiden. He has been ill since Sunday. Then yesterday afternoon I decided to join in and then last night Harvey so we are all ill :(

Had a lovely day yesterday with Harveys class and year 2, now feeling bad that I might of infected someone else but without knowing it as I felt fine yesterday. They went to bodium castle, it was a really great day.

Will be back soon with something handmade, been enjoying printing and colouring these past few nights whilst catching sick from Caiden so I have a few images ready to mount, just feeling "blurgh" today so I cant sit up for much concentrated things.


Elaine said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon! x

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon x

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Caz sorry to hear that the illness is spreading and it has taken a fancy to you I do hope you will feel better soon and look forward to seeing your lovely work.

Lorraine x

Jane said...

I hope you all get better very soon.

Jane :0)

Glitter Monkey said...

How awful for you all.I do hope you and yours are all bug-free very soon. Lol Lynn ♥

Tracey said...

Hope you soon stop feeling blurgh, not nice I know.

Just want you to know that to me you are an inspiration and love everything that you create.

Hope you manage to do something with your printing and colouring soon.

Take care


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