Wednesday, July 22

Caidens Graduation

Caiden had his pre school graduation. I think I might have taken him in too late as he got there as they were eating already, so he sat down and was given a plate of biscuits as he obviously missed the sandwiches ect.... Not that it phased him!

"hey this is MY kinda party"

"Hmmm.... bit boring this! "

"Hey look what I can do!"

"Oh and there is this one too! "

"This is my fav, hey mum look at me ! "

"remember this one Mum?, you taught me this one last week"
Opps!! I did too! He was messing about with my face the other day and he pressed my nose, so I stuck my tongue out, then I showed him to twist my nose and my tongue moved that way.. he was laughing his head off... he was sitting there twisting his nose and moving his tongue...
Hope I have given you all a laugh. Especially Nanny and Grandma and Grumps.


Rachel said...

Kids are great aren't they - when you are having a bad day - put those piccies up big on the screen!!!

Love em!


Craftyanny said...

omg I've tears rolling down my cheeks here. What a cheeky chappie he is. Fabby photos!
I came on over from Paula's to congratulate you on being published and almost forgot I'm laughing so hard.
Anne x

Elizabeth *^..^* said...

Oh I love this and the additions of your comments. Just so funny and what a great read to start the morning with. What personality!!


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