Friday, July 3

Here is Mini Popcorn

This Mini Popcorn was done with the shrink plastic in the oven, colouring a little better this time. I have shown a "before" picture, so you can see the colouring is light and how much it darkens and deepens.

Before shrinking, very light!

After Shrinking the colours are bright and vibrant!

The simple finished card.

I NEVER would have thought just a few months ago I would be touching flowers like this silk one, but its actually quiet cute on this card. I got some bargain ones from my Studio cards catalogue.
Popcorn stamp from you can will be able to see all my Popcorn cards at Sirstampalot when I have made a bundle I will be sending them up to them.


Tracey said...

oh woow stunning colours are amazing
have a great weekend

tracey x

Carla said...

A very nice card.
And what a differenty with the colors after shrinking.
A nice idea to work with.


Tracey said...

Love the image and what you have done with it.


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