Friday, July 31

Jungle Edwin

Here is a jungle edwin card to go with the last one I made. with a difference... can you guess who made it? I'll give you a clue, it wasnt me :)

I've got a stinking cold, and no its not swine flu! LOL Just a common old cold with streaming nose and sneezes! Least I slept better last night as I have been finding it really hard to sleep these past few nights.


Shaz said...

Bless it is cute, is he walking in mummy shoes, in a few years time he will take over. You got to get Caden on board too.

Shaz xxx

Rachel said...

Well jsut a guess from the label - HARVEY - WELL done Harvey that card is fantastic!!!!!!!!! Great colouring! Mummy will be letting you borrow all her stash soon...... tee hee



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