Monday, August 3

Christmas Cat

Awww this cute little kitty is sooooo fun. Reminds me of years back with my first christmas tree, I was so excited about having my own tree to decorate how I want, with all my lovely baubles ect... well as you can guess it might not have turned out like that. I had a little kitten called Monty who spent the whole entire time inside my tree, batting off the baubles, eating the tinsel ect ect.. a wrecked tree that was all I had!

This stamp is one of the new ones from Wild Rose Studio. I have another stamp to use with one of the cute dogs. And some lovely words that I should have used on this card! I forgot! Opps... but they are lovely sentiments. Keep an eye out for these soon.

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daniandcole said...

I just found your blog and what an adorable kitty card. The first year I had a kitten with a tree, there were no ornaments or tinsel on the bottom foot and a half. Luckily she didnt try to climb the tree for the good stuff!!

Thank you and glad to have found you!


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