Monday, August 31

Its me, I'm alive!

Been away for ages havent I? In truth I have been enjoying some family time with the boys and Darren at the end of the school holidays :)

Yesterday however I was forced out of my stamping rutt by a tutorial I saw on Jan Tinks blog and I HAD to make one ;) Here it is, I have done it in 3 photos as its a moving card.

Sort of closed....

Open a little bit :)
Bzzzz here I am!! Amazing isnt it??!?!?! And really quiet easy.
Stamps are all SU but sadly not ones in the UK... maybe one day.. we can hope eh?
This was some colouring I did last night using some ADORABLE stamps from Craft Land UK in wales. My mum was visiting wales and found this craft shop, she called to ask me if I wanted anything from the shop and I found these stamps from CraftUK.... I LOVE them and they were so lovely to colour. I used my Stampin' Crayons from SU. I cant wait to finish these up into a card.
Hope all is well with you all. I am staying up later tonight as we are hoping at midnight German time we will be able to see the retired list from SU. So its a very exciting time!

1 comment:

Suzy said...

Welcome back :)

Very nice idea with this card.


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