Tuesday, August 11

A little craft space

Sick and tired of craft stuff EVERYWHERE in the front room I enlisted Darren and his brother to carry a craft storage solution downstairs for me to put all my regular needed items. Of course not forgetting I have a 10ft x 8ft palace in the garden, but these are the bits and peices I need to have on hand as I dont tend to craft much in my palace, but it is a very lovely place to hold most of the crafty lovelyness I own. But I work in snatched moments in the day and evening on the dining table. CLICK picture to read whats on it :)
I gave away more than a hundred craft magazines to some ladies off freecycle, I am happy that there will be more readers getting inspired by the magazines, rather than just dump them.
Here is a cute card I made using the ADORABLE Tina Wenke stamps. I got mine from Crafts U Love on Saturday as I was helping in the shop. They really are soooo cute. I couldnt resist as they are lovely to colour. SO much detail. Now I just need someone to have a baby girl! I dont know anyone who is expecting so this one might be hanging around a while.
Here is a photo Harvey and me, taken by Caiden. Something tells me even the anti shake couldnt handle Caidens unsteady hand!! LOL


Sue from Oregon said...

darling card....and how can you sleep with that empty space on your shelf?!!!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Caz love your craft store wish my house was big enough for one of those...ummmm...just think of all the goodies I could get to fill it (twice over lol. Oh I do so love your card I am waiting for my Tina Wenke stamps to arrive I ordered them from Crafts u Love I just couldn't resist I chose three but I am sure I will add a few more lol...I love the colours if I have ordered this stamp (forgotten as it took me ages to choose) I would use it for other occasions.
Lorraine x

Andrea Walford said...

Great baby card! The dinosaur show looks awesome!


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