Monday, August 17

Ovals set one

I have been working on these for a few days now. Ovals set one is available to download. You can see a BUY NOW button to the right, it "should" take you right to the download page once you have completed your purchase but as I havent done it before I am not sure it will work. Fret not though, once I see someone has purchased it I will email you. So if it doesnt work, drop me an email OK?

Now these message are a mixed bunch. 17 Phrases, over 100 ovals. Some include

To the Birthday Boy, To the Birthday Girl, Its a boy, It's a Girl, Friend to Friend, A Happy Hello, Mines a double, Mines a pint! and more!!

These work fantastically with a certain oval punch I use a lot *wink*.... here they are...

I am hoping I might make a little pocket money from these, so am asking for a small fee to cover the time. Please respect this and please do not email your friends copies.

Ideas for more?! tell me what you want and I will design them.

Want these FREE? I am after 4 regular bloggers to help me promote these... and you will get these and any future releases for FREE.



Leann said...

These are fab Caz - you clever thing you!
Hugs x

Groovycrafter said...

Hi Caz
Great ovals and love the sentiments!!!!
What do i need to do to be picked for your promotion???
Hugs Alison.xx

Janette said...

Hi Caz,

What a brilliant idea....I love the CWC ones but they can be a tad expensive....great that they work with a *certain* punch...can you design more to fit in with the other punches they do ????
I would love to help with the marketing of them...what would be involved...???
I WILL be doing more blogging from September if that helps but I also belong to a craft club....
LMK ok
Janette x

Groovycrafter said...

Hi Caz
What do i need to do too get picked as one of the four to promote your blog.??
The oval sentiments are great!!!
Hugs Alison.xx

Lesley said...

Hi -just popped by to look at your blog - which I have enjoyed reading. I could see the oval sentiments you have printed very well & what do you charge for them? - could you tell me a bit more about them - if you want me to use them on my blog please let me know - Lesley x

gibmiss said...

hi caz fab ovals and sentiments i`ll promote them for you ?



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