Sunday, August 9

Photos of our London trip

Despite being up high we could see well. This was before it started

Here are couple of dinosaurs are lining up to charge. See Huxley the man to the left??

The raptors find a meal!

An amazing Ornithocheirus flying. I wondered how they would do this. It was very clever with
the giant video screen behind.

More Dinosaurs fighting

They stole the show! The Trex and baby. Very sad end, of course we all know the dinosaurs were wiped out! Had I been on my own I might have cried!! LOL The music was amazing. I wish I had brought the cd they were selling.
We all had a great day. Caiden was a superstar all day. No toilet accidents and no running off. We hadnt taken a buggy and he walked everywhere. Thank goodness I took a few clothes encase Caiden did have an accident as outside the O2 there were these fountains in the floor for the kids to play in. It was very muggy last Weds and although not massively sunny it was very warm. We managed to scrape enough clothes together to let the kids get soaked whilst we waited for the rush hour crowds to go.
If you get a chance go to see it!!


SallyB said...

It looks totally amazing...but alas my girls are not at all into Dinosaurs...We went to see 'Grease' and we have booked 'Mama Mia'on Broadway when we go to New York in the New Year.
We love Musicals! Yoyr boys must have been enthralled by it!!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Caz, great working with you yesterday! Great piccies, these will look great with the dino paper, look forward to seeing your page, lol! Heidi xx

Steph said...

WOW, that looks fab! Glad you had a nice time!

Househund said...

The Photo's look amazing Caz... Wouldn't mind going to see the show myself... it looks very well done.

Dulcie said...

Wow looks great! I would have absolutely loved going to see that as a child - I'm sure I'd enjoy it now too, lol! Thanks for using the dog and bone stamp - can't wait to see the card in print :-) Dulcie xx


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