Monday, August 17

Rollin' Rollin Rollin'

Keep those card a' rollin'

On a card roll. I took the meece images to bed and coloured them in whilst I watched Big Brother last night. OMG that Bea is a right B!! anyone else watching it?

Anyway another meece from Heather Ellis. Lovin' them!

Oh and an oval too!


The PerkyPig! said...

I could have happily slapped Bea the other night, she just went on and on and on and on...didn't she? Drove me insane and I ended up shouting at the screen lol *blush*

Great card - such a cute image.

Julia x

Jane said...

Cute image, lovely card.

Jane :0)

Andrea Walford said...

What a fun site! I always get a little giggle here! The meece are too cute!


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