Thursday, August 13

So Tweet & exciting family news!

I made this sweet little birdy house box from instructions from Stamp With us which is an online classes programme. For mine I used All Stampin' Up! supplies. Unfortunately the bird isnt a UK stamp set, it is one I have been gifted from a friend in the USA. But who knows what might be coming in the new UK catalogue in October. I would be thrilled to have this set in it! wouldnt you?

Look at the yummy yellow ribbon, this is part of the 2 spools or ribbon bundle this month.

Very exciting day in our house today! Harvey went to the YMCA for his forth day of summer camp and he came home with one less tooth!! As I packed his apple this morning I thought it might get his tooth out. He has had a wiggly tooth for a while, not massively, like not hanging, but getting wobblier. Anyway, he bit his apple at lunch and his tooth became so loose that he had to pull it out. Apparently he was a bit upset about it. But now is very proud of his gap! I cant stop laughing as he looks so funny.


wendy said...

I love this little bird house-it is so cute. Do you have the instructions to make it or do you have to buy the instructions?

SallyB said...

Ah... Birdhouse and gapy toothed son both look lovely!!

Susan M said...

The bird house is so lovely! The stamp would be a success in Europe I'm sure.


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