Monday, January 25

Greeting Farm - Relay

Not long now for the Greeting Farm relay. Basically they have given everyone Sundays image for FREE, you then make a card, upload (following their rules) and then if u have done it correctly you get another image emailed to you. The first image HAS to be loaded by 6pm CST and then then next (which I have already had emailed to me) has to be loaded by 6pm CST tomorrow. If you miss a day you wont get any more you have to play along for the week. At the end of it we if we have played all week will end up with about 5 images. Google Greeting Farm to find out more info.

Here is my first card done with the Ian Merman!
I have beavers tonight and its bring a pet night, I have visions of Hairy Mclarys Rumpus at the vets! We are taking Mad Milo with us... The beaver leader Tictac is taking some chickens for those kids that dont have a pet!! LOL I dont know if I ever told you but my beaver name is "Rusty"
Right, off to make the second card as I wont be in tonight to do it.


Sparkle said...

Such an adorable card!

Jane said...

Hi Caz,

Have been catching up on blogs after being away for a while. I do love your cards! I particulary like the way you have put this one together.

How did the bring a pet go?

Jane :0)

Jo said...

Hiya! Thought I'd just pop off Facebook to leave you a comment!! How do you make time for so much crafting as well lol! Love the card Caz x

Househund said...

Love these Digi Images...


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