Tuesday, March 2

March? where did that come from!

March already, cant believe it. 1st March marks my Harveys 7th Birthday and he had a lovely day yesterday :) Above is the card I made for him, a dinosaur hunter noless! Harvey loves (as you may know) dinosaurs, fossills and science and he got some lovely pressies yesterday. A dinosaur quilt cover, telescope, 4 lovely sciencey books, army torch and compass, a new bike, swimming lessons and some other bits and bobs. He cycled to school today. Wasnt too bad actually and what a beautiful sunny day.

I have a Tuesday at home and I love it! My course has finished and I have Tuesdays back. This weekend was a hard one. Worked all day Saturday then came home for 1 hour and then off to Beaver sleepover, 1 hours sleep that night and then work again Sunday. I felt very rough all day and yesterday too but today I feel more or less normal. The kids did great though, they are only 5 3/4 - 8 years, most are 6 and nearly 7 with only a few older ones. Most it would have been the first time away from their parents. Fun was had by all!
20 Minutes before I pick Woo up so I am going to stamp some little pads for Harveys party bags. He has a party at Pizza Hut and a make you own pizza party on Sunday. FUN!


Mrs Wonka said...

Bless him, he looks so smart on his new bike! Happy Birthday Harvey! (for yesterday!)

Fab card as well Caz, I bet he loved it!

Z x

coldwaters2 said...

Brilliant card Caz sounds like you little one had some wonderful presents bet he really enjoyed himself.

Lorraine x

Suzie Q said...

Ah bless him he looks chuffed with his bike!
Suzie qx


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