Sunday, April 18

Challenge Night - Challenge 1

On In Love with Stamping a few weeks ago we had a fun challenge night. 7pm - 11pm we had a challenge each hour. The object of the challenge was in assigned teams we had to make cards to meet the challenge BUT also be the team to make the most items and that team would be the
winner. I was in Lions team, we came a very close second.

here are the cards I made :) unfortunately Caiden who never wakes in the evening woke at 11;45 just when I was finishing off the last challenge so that cost me probably 2 cards.

Remember these were timed, fast and furious with all cards having to be uploaded by midnight cut off. Also with it being night time it was hard to photograph the pictures too!


These first cards were made for the "baby Wipe" technique challenge. using a baby wipe we made an inkpad with re-inkers (hard to see the colour difference but I used red and orange re inkers) This is a hostess level 3 set and I thought the bold flower perfect for this technique.

I will post later/another day about the other challenges. Blogger is a TOTAL nightmare to add lots o photos with the newer ones going right to the top, then you have to slowly drag down and then all the writing goes weird.
Have a lovely Sunday. Looks like its going to be a lovely day.

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PeeJay said...

Love these cards Caz. I like the 'loseness' of them, if that makes sense.
Re uploading photos to Blogger. I actually find it easier now than it used to be and I've been uploading loads of photos recently especially on my Ramblings blog. I have, however, changed to 'Updated Editor' Go to Settings, Basic and scroll down to the bottom to Global Settings. Where it says Select post editor check Updated Editor. Once you've done that you can post as normal but when you upload photos just put your cursor where you want the photo to be and that's where it will upload to. Then you can select where you want it (centred, right, left etc) and how large you want it. Easy Peasy compared to what it used to be. I used to mess around for hours in the html section under the old system, now it's all done for me and you can have larger, clearer pics in the post as well.
Sorry, long comment but thought it might help you.


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