Monday, April 19

Just Testing

Peejay took the time to tell me to update my editor so it was easier to add photos and I am just testing it...

and now I am going to type a bit more and see if I can add another and WOW it seems like it works and I LOVE IT.  Thank you Peejay!!


In Peejays words
"Re uploading photos to Blogger. I actually find it easier now than it used to be and I've been uploading loads of photos recently especially on my Ramblings blog. I have, however, changed to 'Updated Editor' Go to Settings, Basic and scroll down to the bottom to Global Settings. Where it says Select post editor check Updated Editor. Once you've done that you can post as normal but when you upload photos just put your cursor where you want the photo to be and that's where it will upload to. "

I hope this helps you like it helped me.  No long will blogger be the huge pain in the butt to add photos!


PeeJay said...

Glad it worked for you! I like to make life easy if poss. The only downside to the updated one is that it's not as easy to upload video so I go back and swap back to the old version if I want to do that, then swap back again. Bit of a nuisance but then it's not often I want to do that - lol!

Stephanie Wright said...

love the picture of harvey and I also have that story - the children love it when he get poo in his eye!

Stampingcaz said...

you are a lifesaver Peejay!

Steph that book is fun isnt it! LOL


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