Thursday, April 22

Thursday arleady?

Weeks are flying by... looking forward to Friday as NEW Eclipse trailer is out  TEAM EDWARD!!! I am reading Twilight again and falling in love all over, the depth of the emotions in the books really cant be transposed onto the screen, I feel reading the book really helps with the film.

Here are a fwe funny pics... One of Harvey in his shorts, how he stands up on those legs amazes me!! LOL  and this is Caiden in the corner.  I took the picture of Harvey as I wanted one of him on his own, you can just see Caiden stropping off in the photo, then he stood in the corner as he wouldnt let me take one of him and his legs!! LOL  which as you can see are totally different from Harveys :)  It amazes me that their body sizes are so different.

Now I didnt have chance to make a card last night.  I get home from work 6pm, eat my tea and take mum home and I dont get back til 7;30pm and then sort kids out to bed ect.  I went to bed before 10pm last night as I was too tired!  I thought I would share a few things waiting in the wings to be made into a card.  I have a watercolour pad and I quiet often just feel like colouring, so thats what I do!!

So one day these might make it as a card... maybe, maybe not!!

Off to doctors this morning for something we all hate but must get done. Boo



Sallyh said...

Hi Caz
just wanted you to know that even though I don't comment very often I still pop by a couple of times a week to see what you've been up to, even though my hubby blames you for my stamping addiction!

Stephanie Wright said...

Another vote for team edward here - just got the twilight graphic novel which looks good - has some fab sketches in it ans is just another way to read twilight - also can't wait for the eclipse novella out in june about bree - have you heard about it?


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