Saturday, August 21


Here is a some bunting I made for the shop I work at.  We have a nice collection of Halloween goodies and I made this to hang above it.  See my little sign to right  -------->   I am going to offer to make bunting for friends/school mums.... we'll have to see if anyone takes me up on it, but I thought it was a nice idea.

I made another example last night, I still have to thread it onto the ribbon, will share when that is done.

Here is  card I made last week.  Using Magnolia and a Imaginesce stamp.  Photo is rubbish, I really need to sort these out as the lighting in here is terrible and only going to get worse for the time of year.


Kerryn said...

That bunting is gorgeous Caz and i think it would sell easily!!

Love that card too. Love that you've mixed a magnolia stamp with those imaginisce ones!

little amanda 7609 said...

I am using these magnolia stamps a lot lately. Cutting around them and raising them up on the card :) Love what you have done.


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