Monday, November 29


We haven't got any, but I know a lot of you have.... this is what my boys would LOVE to be doing.  Another Magnum... his face says it all... this was us last year sledging, it went so fast I screamed all the way down.

Its been a productive day.  I made my first ever cupcakes today.  Turned out lovely too :)

Mmmmm had an urge to eat a cupcake. No where near sells them so I made some :)  bit deadly though and I must not do it too often.  Only 3 cakes left.  I had 2, Caiden 1, Harvey 2, Darren 3 and Robert 1.  I enjoyed the decorating part, only wish I had something more creative to decorate them.  Punched out rice paper would look good wouldn't it?  In hindsight I suppose I could have papercrafted some toothpicks and made some things to stick in.  Next time eh?


Anita said...

Love your card Caz. And those cupcakes look yummy.

theCook said...

I love this image! Very nice with the holly leaves!
And those cupcakes look good. Next time, toothpick decoration will be a must!

Lisa Jane said...

love that fun card Magnum face is so funny lol
Love the cupcakes too they look really scrummy
Lisa ;)

Kerry said...

I don't know which I love more Caz...the card or the cupcakes lol. Both gorgeous :-D xx


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