Friday, December 31

End of year Ramblings

So here we are again, New Years Eve.  All in all 2010 not a bad year but here's an even better year for all of us in 2011.

This afternoon I picked my Mum up and we went back here to have some new years nibbles and play some games ect, it was lovely.  Kids enjoyed showing Nanny how good they were on the XBox game that she had brought for Caiden for Christmas.  We played old fashioned games, a word game which was good fun.  They played a beetle game with a dice, which I missed out on as I was getting  all the food ready.

Salad, Ham, Chicken Nuggets, Crisps, Vol au Vents, Sausage Rolls and the most lovely (if I might say so)  Cupcake that we made yesterday but decorated today.  The sponge was lovely and the topping... well I will let you see yourself.  We made it using the Big Top cake mould from JML.  Didn't turn out as big as expected but non the less it was very tasty, and to be honest it was big enough.  We had a slice each (there were 6 of us) and we still have half the cake left.

This morning I managed to make a couple of little projects showcasing the SAB (Sale-a-Bration but too long winded to type that so from now on will be refered to as SAB)   sets.

I hope you all have a lovely New Years eve xxx

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Lisa Jane said...

Looks fab caz .. Happy new year to you and yours..
ps we made one of those cakes yesterday too


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