Sunday, December 19

Not long now

And are you ready??   I have done very well this year with the old pressie buying and feel in control, and its a good job too seeing as we have had our second dump of snow for December and now of course everything will be made much harder.

As the big snow wasn't here first thing yesterday I drove to work, it was a little snowy from the day before and icy but I got to work in good time and safe.  On the way into Charlwood village I managed to get up Stanhill which is the tricky road but all the while it was snowing harder and harder.  I got to work, called Paula the owner and she said to keep an eye on the snow.  About 20 minutes later I had to call to tell her it was chucking it down and I thought I had better go back home.  So the drive that took me 40 minutes there, took me 2 hours on the way back!

After a couple of cups of tea and then lunch I went out with the boys and we made our rather fun snowman.

Disco ball eyes, lego brick nose and a candy cane for his mouth.  This is standing outside our front door and greeting everyone in and out.  Darren came out a bit later and we had a family snowball fight which was good fun, no tears, not even from me who had a bra full of snow that slipped down my coat and tops!

Also been making a start, yes I said start! on my Christmas cards.

A few of these

a few of these

And two of these, one each for Harvey and Caidens teachers.  The kids break up Tuesday, but I think it highly unlikely that they will be back in this week with the snow.  Good job I took all the gifts in on Friday.

Still making a few more.  I expect they will be Happy New Year cards by the time I finish.

Have a good Sunday
Caz x


Lisa Jane said...

Fab pics Caz.. love that funky snowman
Hope you have a great Christmas and all the nest for 2011

Suzie Q said...

lovely cards caz but have to say love your boys with the snowman what a great photo it would make to send as a crimbo card x
hey look at you sexy on your facebook that photo is gorguss!!
c'mon give us a kiss!!
Suzie Qx

Whimcees said...





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