Sunday, February 27

Waiting for Tuesday

That's all Harvey is interested in, Tuesday as he is 8 on that day :)  He is soooooo excited!

I made this card tonight, all was going well until I "wonkily" stamped his name on it.  But by then I didn't have the energy to start again.  He'll love it, wonkiness and all.

I used my Cricut to cut and weld the 8's
Woodware Mice for the main images
Tip of finger for the white dots!
Stampin Up! for the wonky letters

Got lots of buzzing about tomorrow to get things ready for his birthday :)  Its so lovely when they are 
young and very excited.  He has been going mad all week everytime he thinks about how close it is now.



fairymadjo said...

hi caz ,
its stuning hunny ,i' sure he will love it xxx

Cj said...

This is a really sweet card I love

simplyfairies said...

Wonky whta wonky, I think its a fabulous card!


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