Saturday, April 30

Bright Challenge

Over at the Penny Black blog their challenge is for Bold and Bright cards and I think this one fits the bill

Colours are not great on here, photographed it last night and its made it look all weird.

Hope you had a lovely time watching the Happy Couple getting married.  Here are a few photos of
our day.

Harvey, Caiden and myself all wore some very last minute
handmade button and flag necklaces :)


Suzie Q said...

Hi there ST,
looks like you had fun fun fun!!
love that piccie of you get Paula to swap it lol x
really sweet card isn't it annoying when the colours go all squiffy!!!
enjoy whats left of the weekend mate x
ps those necklaces are fab xx

little amanda 7609 said...

What a fab card. I've been working with black, white and red all day so that was an pleasant surprise.

Loved the Royal wedding pics as well


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