Tuesday, April 19

Enjoying it

I am LOVING my shed is moved.  I think I have been in it more since its been moved than I was in 3 years!  I pop in a out in the day for a few minute with the kids off its hard to grab more than that.  But I am able to sit out for a hour or two in the evenings, got my TV on, mostly on DVD (mostly Twilight and New Moon) as the aeriel is pretty rubbish and I can get to everything, its all there in one cosy little shed!  We've almost got the kids area fenced off, Milo is a but miffed about it and keeps poking his head through the picket fencing.   but he still has enough room to run and around and play, it will be fab for the kids to have a clean and separate place to play in.

Tomorrow at Crafts U Love I have designed this cute little project for the kids Create and Takes.  11am - 2pm  Just pop in if you are bringing a group please give us a ring before so we know how many are coming.  Last week we had 8 turn up a the beginning so maybe come at 12 or later?!  Costs £3 for the kids  - Paula tells me these little pots wont be going home empty, *wink *wink with Easter on its way there might be a little something sweet inside :)

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