Tuesday, April 12

A project

I decorated these pots which I am using to store my bakers twine reels in.  I got them from Poundland and they hold garden string.  Needless to say I am now drowning in garden string!! But I couldn't resist these pots.

Been adding some vinyl to my windows.  Stampin Up! butterflies cut with my
Sizzix machine.  

Also have a new addition to my shed, my early Birthday pressie

Look! Edward was in there with me :)


Janine said...

your twine tins are great - did you get the twine in the UK and if so would you mind sharing where from Thank you Janine

little amanda 7609 said...

ooh I like those twine tins and I am very jealous of your shed. I dream of a crafty palace myself but I haven't any room in my garden for a huge shed. Maybe one day

Suzie Q said...

oh look at your lovely palace and the tins are fabby x
lucky you x
Suzie Qx


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