Saturday, May 14

Cards to show off

It was my birthday on Thursday.  Here are the beautiful handmade cards I got :)

Had a lovely day, totally spoilt at work.  Mum too spoilt me by decorating the night before for banners and making some meals for the next day so I didnt have to cook :)  which is always nice isn't it!


Suzie Q said...

It's because you're worth it!!
i'm glad you enjoyed your day and you were spoilt because "we luff you lots" x
Suzie Qx

little amanda 7609 said...

I wish I had known it was your birthday, your handmade cards are fab

Househund said...

Happy Birthday Caz... Hope you had a wonderful day.
Yours Birthday Cards are Fab.
Isn't it nice to have crafting friends on special occasions.

Siobhan Fyffe said...

Belated Happy Birthday Caz. I didn't know it was the big 40!! Are you all set for the Woodware Blog? I am trying to schedule about 5 posts so I can go on holiday in two weeks time and forget about it!!


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