Monday, May 30

Windy Wittering

Well we're back from windy Wittering.  We were actually back early afternoon yesterday.  Had a lovely time but I really wanted to have the whole day at home today to sort everything out before work tomorrow.  Had the weather been glorious I am sure we would have stayed another night as we did have to pay for 3 nights but despite the weather we had a great time.  At one time there were 23 of us from Merstham who went out "crabbing" together and walking along the beach and getting our eyes sandblasted!  Not fun!  Bedtimes were fun with us having to wear wooly hats in bed!!  Here are some pictures.

It was great to have the kids friends around.  There were 2 other families camping and a few visitors too. We went to the pub Saturday night watched the footie, had a natter and then left a few of the men in the pub! to stumble back to the campsite a bit worse for wear!  All in all a lovely break, shame about the weather.

1 comment:

Suzie Q said...

So the merstham massive was out in force ! lol x
looks like you had great fun x
suzie qx


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