Saturday, June 11

Few shares

Lots of Harvey's friends love football, indeed lots of little boys and girls do too.  I have made 2 boys football buntings recently, one was a sample for a shop one a present for a friends little boy, well big boy as he is 8 now!  Unfortunately Mingming's trips to the vets cost us a LOT of money, money we don't have spare taken away from our daily living money and also Caiden's birthday too :(   So I have had to get frugal with making a present, but I am hoping that he will be pleased to get something football related and something with his name on as I am sure Brennan is not one you would find in the shops!

Hop on over to my Say it in Bunting blog to see more pictures and pricing.  Any name, any colours, any theme.

1 comment:

Paulagriff said...

This is fantastic, all the more special because its personalised, i bet Brennan will love it!
Also sorry to hear about Ming Ming bunny :(


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