Wednesday, June 22

Simple Frames

I painted and stamped these frames the other day to go with the girly sets I made.  These were special little birthday gifts for 4 little girls.

Very delicate stamping on these you can hardly see it.

Harvey was invested into cub scouts last night.  Very proud.  This was him after the investment with his new green woggle and cub jumper.

I've made quiet a few cards lately in my shed at night but as its so late the photos are coming out really bad. My cards in the local shop have been selling well so I am really pleased about that.  Just need to keep on making them.  


Bluefairy4U said...

Oh he looks so cute Caz, Well done you making all your cards and selling them hope you manage to make a lot more and then you might make enough to go see your in-laws in Spain. Hugs

Dorothy said...

I like the frames it is good to do something non card for a change.

little amanda 7609 said...

one very proud cub scout!


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