Friday, July 15


Its been busy this past week, not sure what with but not with crafting.  My Son, Harvey is going on cub camp tonight for 2 nights.  He is 8 and its the first time has has spent time away from us.  Mummy must be brave!!

My bunting orders keep rolling in, I currently have 4 to make :)  I have one to show off but since my blog is linked to facebook I cant share just encase it posts as the recipients Mum is on FB and she does not know.  So it will have to wait for a couple of days.

Likewise a wedding card for a friend tomorrow has been made but I can't share as I of course do not want her to see it before.

I have however got something very rare to share which I do not think I have shared before?!  I made a simple memory page last week for work, we needed our pages updated and we have some fab stamps and papers in all to do with the circus I thought these pics of Harv would be great.

 And this little card hasnt been shown off yet either, so here he is :)  Party Owl.

Right better get ready for school runs and  I have lots to errands to run.

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Fabrizio said...

Simply love that owl cards Caz ! :) I featured it today on I hope that's ok ! :) X Fab


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