Sunday, July 3

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick Chicken!

Lay a little egg for me :)

My neighbour is rescuing 3 chickens from their life in hell in a battery farm.  She gets them today so I made this little welcome for them.  She has a adorable chicken coup and all the gear.  They will be in a very sorry state when they get here.  No feathers (or certainly lacking)  never seen daylight and not being able to walk :(

It will take some time but I will look forward to the time they start getting better and living a happy life.

Had a fantastic holiday.  Utterly exhausted after it!  Anyone done Butlins with 2 kids will understand.
Have a stinking cold right now so feeling very rough but lots of cards to make for lots of friends who are celebrating their birthdays this week. Also the shop I have been selling my cards at has sold quiet a few of mine so that's great news, few little pennies to spend.

Here are a few of my fav pictures from holiday.

Show me Sunday will re-launch again today.... I just need to go and find something I want to give away!!



Diane said...

LOVE the chicken welcome sign and good on your friend for saving three chickens from hell !!

Sorry you have come home with a stinker !! But it looks as though you had a fab hol !!

hugs Diane xx

Suzie Q said...

hi Caz, smashing piccies the weather looks lovely!!
kids look like they are enjoying themselves and absolutely love that deck chair - how cool!!!
right need 2 go and scoff those eggs of Harveys!!!
suzie Qx

Cathy A said...

Caz, thanks for sharing your details of your blog and introducing yourself on Penny Circle. I have enjoyed visiting your log and looking through your previous posts.

Love the deckchair picture, my parents live not too far from mine head, but I haven't been there in has changed so much!

Cathy A said...

Hi Caz thanks for introducing yourself on Penny Circle and sharing your crafty space!

Loved looking back through your blog posts and seeing your creations.

The giant deckchair is such fun, my parents live not far from. Minehead I used to go there as a kid, things have changed so much!

little amanda 7609 said...

love that chicken sign and adore your holiday photos!!


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