Friday, August 12


Its me again, not much been happening this end really.  A little bit of crafting, but with the kids on school holidays and me working there seems not to be any time.  Here are a few quick pics of quick cards and creations.

A cute bear set I got off a facebook second hand craft selling page :)

A bunting I made : Bugaboo Digital Image

A House Mouse stamp I got from the same Facebook board

Caiden went to a party and I made the Birthday Boy a pirate bunting for him room.
I was laughing about the fact the Christopher was such a long name!! Hard to fit on the door 
to take a picture.  Lets hope Christopher has room in his bedroom.

Oh and this isnt something I made, but Mums friends friend made.  A lovely
Butterscotch Tart :)  Took me back to school days!

Today, Friday its my day off work.  Not sure what me and the boys are doing.  We'll probably
pop out somewhere later but no firm plans.

Enjoy your Friday!

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