Monday, October 17


Here is a full picture of the bunting we made last week on my class

All the ladies seemed to enjoy their class and the banner they made.

I have been suffering for what seems like forever with tooth ache.  Monday I had a tooth taken out.  But the tooth/gum  ache is still there and I seem to have some tooth still in my gum! :(  I am going into dentist today as emergency, fingers crossed its finally sorted.  With the winter weather it seems to zap my creativity, something about going outside in the dark to get into my palace and the odd 8 legged visitor that scares me!

I have 6 orders for bunting at the moment so once I get this pain sorted I will be back to that.


1 comment:

little amanda 7609 said...

That's just great. Bunting is the rage at the moment and I have seen some lovely cross stitched versions but I have to say your papercraft ones are by far and away the best I have seen.


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