Tuesday, December 6

Happy Birthday Brother In Law

Its my brother in law Roberts birthday today, he joins the 40's club

I took a break from bunting and made this for him.  This is a very old stamp made by Stamps by Judith

Thought I'd forgotten how to make cards!! Its been bunting bunting everywhere!  I have a new order for 6 more too!  I have now closed my order books for Christmas as I want to concentrate on a special Happy Christmas banner for me and so far have managed just "HA".

How are you're Christmas plans coming along?


Suzie Q said...

Great card Caz x
Ha lol x

Helena Daniels said...

You seem to be on top of everything,so glad that the banners are such a success, they look amazing!
I am way behind- haven't even finished the christmas cards yet!

Love Helena x

Stephanie Wright said...

Hey, love this manly card. I couldn't tell you the last time I was able to make a card 'just because'! I'm doing lots of orders and made 100 cards and 100 pressies for children! Mine are done but need writing in! I've got a 2 scrapbooks to do for an order and curly wreath I want to do for myself! I sooo know how you feel! good luck with your banner! Steph x


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