Friday, August 17

Once upon a time... a long time ago...

I used to blog everyday!  and I used to really enjoy it.  But then life takes hold and there are more important things than blogging.  But just lately I have been really enjoying making cards most evenings am making something and have blogged more this month already than I have for many a month.  I hope are enjoying it along with me.  I am not the best at anything, my cards are very very simple but its the style I like and maybe this simple style brought you here in the first place?

so here is my next card, I made this for one of the most special
men in my life, My Brother Dave.  Its his Birthday today and he is getting 
REALLY old!! LOL   Nearer 50 than 40 although he keeps himself very active
managing the local football team, playing golf ect

Here I have used Penny Black, Do Crafts and Skull and crossbuns stamps.  And the very lovely
Penny Black 6 x 6 pad.


Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Caz
Just love your cards and they are not plain and simple they're gorgeous wish I had a mind like ours big hugs Jo :)

Hank Hendricks said...

This is so nice card. So beautiful design. How can i learn to design so nice like this for joining the Plastic card printing and designing company. I really appreciate this.

Plastic cards said...

To make a card needs a creative skills and you posses them, i think you should add sensational messages in design..


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