Sunday, September 2

Crafty Palace Storage finds

As most of you know storage and crafting seem to run hand in hand.  Some people have purpose built studios with spaces made for items they need, I am more of an shopper buy accident and I happen to stumble across items that in turn end up fab storage.  here are my two latest finds.

These were 2 a tenner from a local Facebook group.  Now I didn't know what would fit in them but I thought with all those little "shelves" they would be perfect for something and as it happens they fit my Bigz dies very well.  So my goal one day will be to have both side full up!

Again from a local Facebook sale, again no clue what I would use it for but happens to be fabulous for my misc punches.  Large Woodware ones on the bottom, Medium size in the middle and lots of misc punches at the top. PERFECT!  In someways I do wish I had a purpose built shed with a place for everything but then in other ways this reflects the real me, I am not a tidy tidy person, I like "stuff".  I like to see other "stuff" and nothing drives me more nuts than trying to find something so if its all kinda out, then it makes it easier :)

Now it is getting to the point when I will have no more room, but until then I will continue looking out these crafty storage finds and seeing just how well they can slot into my palace :)  Now if only I would be able to find a space for my BIG SHOT PRO, it currently lives on the floor as I dont have the dedicated table space to be able to leave him out :(

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