Monday, October 29

Snowflake rosettes by tim holtz sizzix

When these dies first came in I knew I had to have one... But which one I wasn't sure.  So I started with the larger of the two which makes one lovely snowflake and ended up getting the other one another day as I had visions of my Christmas tree with these hanging off it.

here are the first three I made

another couple

and here are the three different ones there are. 
The first is on its own Snowflake Rosette from Crafts U Love
the second and third are the Mini Snowflake Rosettes from Crafts U Love


Bluefairy4U said...

Hi Caz adorable what papers are you using on the big one its blue and guess what my favourite colour hugs Jo xx

Helena Daniels said...

Caz...they are beautiful and your tree is going to look stunning.


Helena D.


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