Thursday, April 10

Crafty palace had its 15 minutes of fame

My crafty palace got its 15 minutes of fame last Saturday as I was approached by the Daily Mail for them to come and take a photo.

I'll see if I can find the link to the online article.

Was a fun experience. I even had hair and make up sent round! Lol and some tops sent round on a bike. Madness. But fun.  Lovely make up lady and lovely photographer. A day to remember for sure.


fairymadjo said...

hi caz awww the pic are lovely and im soo glad you injoyed it hugs xx

Stephanie said...


SallyB said...

Hi Caroline...I love your crafty shed, inside and out! How fabulous to be in the Daily Mail!
Have you framed the article and put it up in the shed? said...

Yah famous lady! Who wouldn't love a crafty shed like yours?

Janine said...

Fame in the national papers - wow!
Both you and your shed look lovely.

Put my first Karen Burniston die card on my blog today!

Traceyr said...

Just found your blog whilst looking for craft sheds. Can I ask how your stash fairs over the winter time? Do you have insulation and heating?

I would really like to build a beautiful craft space like yours but not sure where to start.

Hope you can help?

Traceyr :)


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