Tuesday, May 6

Harvey's Room Makeover

My brother in law has been living with us for some time and he moved out last week.  Operation "Harveys Room" was in full swing this weekend.  Harvey being the oldest got to choose which room he had and he chose this one.  Caidens room will get a make over next weekend.

This is the room and how it was.  We hadn't decorated since we moved in almost 9 years ago.

Harvey is 11 and loves Minecraft so we set about making it a cool Minecraft Inspired room.

Grey paint for the walls, a new carpet and some lovely stone block wallpaper.

Looking good with a new desk and chair, a blind and new bed cover

Lastly with some "Creeper" green curtains that my Mum made and the Vinyl
on the wall that I cut with my Cameo machine.  A really fabulous room don't you think?!

1 comment:

Suzie Q said...

Wowzers proper man cave !!!


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