Monday, August 18

August Designer Challenge part 2

I'll often try and make 2 cards for the challenge but this month I decided I couldn't choose between Poppy, Hoppy and Chilly so I made 3 cards.  To spread them out I am posting this one Monday afternoon and the next and last one will be tomorrow.

For the next one I used CHILLY - this cool penguin.

Chilly loves living in the snow and loves nothing more but to make "Snow Penguins"  (yes look closely you can see I have used the base of the penguin to make the snowman)

Chilly thought that this penguin snow dude would look nice in a red scarf and so lent him his, after all Chilly is used the the cold weather :)

As well as Chilly I used :

Outdoor Edges
Snowflakes from All Season Tree
and Props 1 for the hat

Order from Crafts U Love in the HERE

1 comment:

StampOwl said...

Love the 'Chilly' snowman


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