Thursday, August 28

My Crafty Palace

I've had lots of people ask me about my Crafty Palace, both a long time ago and recently and I thought I would post here for those more recent.

I got my Palace built by a place called wright sheds in Essex they make to order, so made to my size spec and where I wanted the windows ect.  At the time I think I was happy with my order.  Since my palace is now 7 years old there are a couple of things I would change.  I would have gone a little bit bigger, its 8ft x 10 ft, I maybe would have gone 10 x 10 and I would have gone for nicer side windows but I was trying to cut down the money and the side windows didnt seem that important but they are not a lovely as my gorgeion windows and door at the front.  I maybe even might have gone for a stable door, that way getting some air in but not having it wide open.    When I ordered my shed I went with these people as they would line it for me so it was insulated.

Here you can see why my shed is so lovely and insulated.  All that toasty padding behind the wood :)

This is a picture once it was built

Two days later on my Husbands birthday he hooked it up to the electric, added plug sockets and light.  Oh I could have done the happy dance!! ... wait I think I did!!

A few years later (2011) I decided I wasnt happy with the shed where it was down near the end of the garden.  It it was cold and wet to go down to my shed so I paid someone to move it.  That was a feat in itself to find someone who would do it.  I managed to track someone down and I think he was from the travelling community and had experience in moving caravans which helped as he knew exactly what to do.  That morning I went to work and I had never been so nervous in my life as my husband sent me pictures of my shed moving bit by bit up the garden!!
The only bad thing since the move is a really creaky middle part in the floor where I think they should have put a wooden post under but I only notice when moving about.

We've had some horrendous weather, rain, snow, ice and I have not got one spot of damp inside/  My papers are fine too.  I have an electric heater inside and I pop that on when I get cold, or in really cold weather I might just pop it on for an hour or so just to keep the shed warm for a while.  But most of the time I go down almost every evening anyway.

My claim to fame for 2014 was being interviewed and photographed by the Daily Mail a uk Newspaper.  As you can see the shed got the makeover here with some lovely paint.

I've since changed it again to add some delicious looking stripes!

I have filled my shed with a mix of Ikea pieces and bits and bobs found 
on local selling groups.  Its a mish mash of colour and storage and I love it.
Ceiling and floor, its all used :)

If there any more questions just let me know.

Caz xx

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Traceyr said...

Thanks for your update post Caroline - I am seriously thinking about a craft shed for next year - haven't told the husband yet haha - your info is really useful.

So your paints, glues and electrical gadgets are all fine over the winter are they? Do you leave the heating on even when you're not inside?

Sorry that you didn't win Shed of the Year yours is fantastic. :)


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