Thursday, September 11

X Cut Owl

Just a quicky.  I made this owl up last night using the new Xcut owl.  He has turned out cute.

I love this owl!  Another one for my collection.

Do you collect anything craft wise?  Would love to hear about your collections.

Caz x

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Kate Blair said...

like most crafters I have favourite brands of crafting goodies so that's one set of collections. My largest collection in this group are masks from splodge away, crafters workshop et al (each in own folders).
Then I have my collections of items rather than company collections. These include cat items (mainly stamps), owls (who doesn't) and sheep (my partner is a sheep farmer).
But by far my largest collection is of bargains ;) I seem to have the knack of finding reduced items- so much so friends have asked me to find then things. For instance 5 crafters workshop stencils for just over £5 for the lot. I also like re purposing craft items too such as using my do crafts heat mat as a gelli plate or spice racks from charity shop for storage.
Could say that my large collection of items is my craft room - taken over 30 years to build my stash but still using lots of items bought over a decade ago :)


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