Monday, January 19

Taylored Expressions Sack it FROG

I love Taylored Expressions Sack it dies and as soon as I saw the frog I knew I must have it.   With the sack its, you purchased the original Sack it and then decorate it with additional dies. I got it when we went back to work after Christmas for my Christmas Pressie :)   I also brought the Hedgehog too.  I have in the past before Owls, collected both Frogs and Hedgehogs.  First it was the Frogs and then Hedgehogs.  I still love all three :)  I will try and make the Hedgehog this week.

These would be perfect for party boxes for a Princess party.  Would look super cute with a bow on her head, or a bow tie for a male one.  Lots of ideas.

They are in stock at Crafts U Love. 

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