Monday, June 15

Karen Burniston - What's in a name Designer June Challenge

Hello and welcome to the my first challenge card for this month and this months challenge was

 Everyone has to incorporate two Pop it Ups dies according to your first and last initials.  

Ahh, so for my that is "CC".   For C I could choose CHEEPERS the Chicken, or even Brownie the COW so it was a bit flexible.  We could use the entire line, so I could have chosen CHILLY the penguin or even Whiskers the CAT but having not had my new farm collection that long I really wanted to play with those.

So today's card was made for my son Caiden who is 9 today and I went to town on this 
TRIPLE Lucy Label Pop up.  I decorated with Brownie the COW and CHEEPERS the chicken. So that is my CC covered.  I also used Virgil the Pig, Susan Tierneys  Cockburn Fence and Elizabeth Craft Designs Ice Cream Cone.

Here is the Birthday boy and his card!

And here is the card.  I used 3 small 4 x 4 cards and cut the Lucy Label out of each
 of the cards.  I then covered with some 12" papers to bring the card together
as one piece.  I mostly cut the animals out of plain cardstock and picked up some
pink spotty card for Virgil.. Caiden asked if if he had caught chicken pox off Cheepers!

I will be back tomorrow with another farm based card and one where Brown is
anything but brown!

All Materials from Crafts U Love

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fran said...

Happy Birthday Caiden! That is quite a wonderful card for your special day!


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