Tuesday, July 14

Karen Burniston - Designer Challenge - Homegrown Holidays =- Day 2

Its me day 2 and I am back with another card.  This one is for the one person in your life that maybe does secretly enjoy Christmas but you often joke that they might be a Christmas Humbug!

As soon as I saw this Woodware Stamp I knew I had to make it work with Snowball the sheep and on this card Snowball is NOT feeling the Christmas Love like the two happy characters on the front are.  Billy and Rudy (who has been slightly altered and looks to me like a calf) are happy its Christmas.  Snowball how ever is letter its true feeling show!

Excited for Christmas, William and Rudy wait behind their fence, surrounded by Snowflake Flowers, Snowflakes and Holly.

or should that be BAAAAA Humbug?!

I hope this card has given you a little smile for today, yes Christmas cards in July might seem 
made to some but to us crafters its perfectly normal isn't it?!

All the new Characters are shipping beginning August.

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