Friday, September 11

A wedding card

Hi Friends,
Its been a while, again I start the blog with an apology.  Its been hectic with schools on holiday, visits from ITV and BBC  (more about that below)  Make lots of things but some of which I've not been able to show until I get the nod.  Or I just forgot. To be honest I am constantly juggling and the little time I do get to make cards I do just that, I make them and I forget to post, but I really should make an effort.

I made this card a few weeks ago but forgot to post before now so I thought whilst I had a few minutes where everyone is busy else where I would post this card.  Harveys out with a friend, hes 12 now and every moment possible his is hanging out with friends.  Caiden is upstairs on his X Box and Darren is down the pub having a quick beer before coming home.

I should of taken some better photos but I was trying to get this made
 for a friend.  I have used the Rectangle Accordion, Agatha Edges and Pivot Heart together.
I decorated with some Stampin Up! stamps, distress Inks and the lovely Minc Machine
using the gold Foil.

Really very pleased how this turned out as it is not my usual style.

Just about getting back to normal since the kids have gone back.
Harvey is in year 8 and Caiden in year 5.  I can not believe how quick these
school years go.  Here are some photos of my boys.  Looking so grown up!

Exciting things have been happening in my Crafty Palace and I made have
made a few of you choke on your teas the other night when me and my Crafty
Palace were on BBC1 on the One Show.  If you would like to watch it I will paste the link for you.

The piece is about mid way.  I was only on for about a minute but would you believe
they were filming for almost 4 hours!!  Two lovely guys from BBC  Keaton and Dave the cameraman.They made the whole experience fun and tried to make a very nervous me feel a bit calmer.  If you fancy a laugh and a little peek into my palace click the link.

Keaton and Dave crammed into my shed!

Hey there's a cameraman in my shed!!

So I will leave you now, Caiden has now come downstairs and wants the PC.
Peace is shattered!!  And I need to get the dinner in the oven.  Jacket Spuds.  Nom Nom

I'll be back VERY SOON with a NEW die!!

Caz xx

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Linda Reiley Clark said...

We poor U.S. followers couldn't see your moment of fame--it's only available to U.K. viewers. Boo hoo! Oh, well, it was exciting to see you get that recognition, anyway. Your boys are adorable, by the way! I had two boys, too (all grown up now), but only one of mine was a red-head. Yours are very handsome young gentlemen! Thanks for all of your wonderful cards--I always love seeing your work.


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