Monday, December 28

Happy Christmas?

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas.  We had a lovely one with my Mum and Brother in Law coming for Christmas dinner, going out with Mum and my Brothers family for Boxing Day and then so far a mix of chillax and starting to decorate front room and hoping the days go mega slow until we get back to work on the 4th January.  Both Darren and I are very lucky we don't have to go back until the 4th, it gives us the longest time off together as a family of this year!!  As we didn't have much of a holiday together this past year. 

Here are a few pictures from my Christmas break so far..  I say a few but I found slightly more that I wanted to share with you :)  so bear with me .

First up is a picture of the gorgeous but very naughty Donuts Holes that Darren made with the
Gourmet 3 in 1 sweet treat maker.  Very yummy!  my Mum knows how much Darren loves baking and then eating the bakes! LOL  So we made these today.

Here is Caiden with his main pressie - a Halo Megablocks Phantom
And Darren is the poor guy that has to make all this Halo that Caiden gets.  All 900+ bricks!
He has a great collection of Halo Megablocks and plays with them and looks after them very well.  I was lucky to get a pre owned deal off ebay and for the price of this one
phantom we ended up getting 2 large vehicles so Darren as I type is in the process of
making that second one.

Sue my SIL found the perfect gift for me :)

Harvey in Warhammer heaven.  He had made an army list for Christmas
and between us, Nanny, Grandma, Grumps and Uncle Dave/Aunty Sue we got all on his list!
Here he is in full concentration and yesterday he could not wait to go to the yearly "Unboxing Day" at Warhammer store where people bring in all their new models and build and paint.
He is still loving Warhammer and taking his time building all the models he has got will take
a while, painting even longer!

Next up a FANTABULOUS machine called the SILHOUETTE MINT
machine.  I got this before Christmas but hadnt shared it before now.  It makes stamps that you design.  Once you have designed the stamp it literally comes out in less than a minute.
You then add the special MINT INK and wait 10 minutes for the ink to load
and then you are ready for approx 50 impressions.   Once run out you re ink.

I'll be doing a blog post dedicated to this machine very soon.

This was a stamp I designed for my Mum for her to use on the back of her cards.

This was a surprise gift from Darren for me and my Crafty Palace
Now TV and means I can get box sets and sky 1 in my shed.
YIPPEEE I can now watch Game of Thrones when it comes back :)

Christmas Day = family games and we enjoyed playing Simpsons Cluedo
which was Harvey's pressie.  We also played others but attention spans were waning
in the house as we had such an early morning!

Just the week before Christmas I went snowman crazy and I made
lots of these cute little guys :)  I ended up making about 15 of these and giving
them as little decorations to work friends.

Lots and lots of my facebook friends got one of these for Christmas.  Adult
colouring books are all the rage and my Mum got this for me. 
Once I get a chance I will enjoy doing this.

A cute collection of Owls :) from my boys - Pencil pot,
Cute hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil owls
and a frame that has Darren and I's wedding photo.

Now with my new mint machine came yet again more frustration to not ever
being able to get on the family pc.  So I had the Mint, Minc, Silhouette and 
Craft Artist software all needing a PC to work but never getting access to it.
So I asked Darren if I could get myself a laptop just for my stuff and 
I have ended up with the gadget craft table in the front room.

We are redecorating hence the ripped off paper.  But it's very exciting to have 
a place I can use all my gadgets when I want to.  VERY VERY Lucky girl!

So as you can see all in all a lovely Christmas.  Everyone very happy
lovely time spent with family who we don't see enough of
(my brother and family and my BIL too)
Too much food, certainly too many donut holes!! LOL

As I said, I will be back very soon with a in depth look at the MINT MACHINE.
The machine starter kit is in stock at Crafts U LOVE but we are waiting
for the accessories to come in.  

I do hope you all had a lovely time with your family and friends.

Caz xx

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