Friday, January 8

Memory Jar

You may remember a little while ago I made the MAKING MEMORIES stamp and I said I would show you how I used it.  Not only have I recently used this in my Nieces 21st Album I of course used it on the Memory Jar.  I wrapped twine around the top and very simply decorated  with buttons and flowers I thought would go well with the decor in my front room. Which includes green, blue and pink.  I've got such a pretty new wallpaper in the room now thanks to my husband who hung the paper this past Christmas holiday.  Thanks Darren!  you are a keeper :)  Not least for hanging it but letting my have a really pretty wallpaper in the main room of downstairs.

The picture above is the AFTER with my tag and flowers :)

Here is the BEFORE and also my lovely lovely wallpaper ;)

So far 3 little memories to make me smile.  I can not wait to read all these on New Years eve in 2016, but first to make lots of memories!

Caz x

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